Dad, Pete, Opa. Tim Veling, XYZ book (Lisbon) edition, available from Rim Books, soon.

We are pleased to announce collaboration with XYZ books in distributing some of their fine photobooks in Aotearoa. The first in line is remaking of Tim Veling classic, D,P,O due April 2023. Further titles from XYZ stable will be available from here, soon.

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Dad, Pete, Opa.
Tim Veling
XYZ book (Lisbon) edition, available from Rim Books in April.

“I have been admitted to hospital. Please don’t worry, but call me when you can. Lots of love, D,P,O.”

It was always how he signed off; shorthand for Dad, Pete, Opa. Tim J. Veling would soon learn his father had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer with an estimated three months to live. The rug was suddenly pulled out from under his feet.

D,P,O is a record of those last, precious months. The photographs are testament to not only the grief that father and son worked through together, but more importantly the love and admiration they shared; an account of the inevitable slowing of one life set to a backdrop of a new life and relationships thriving. Intensely moving in its unflinching intimacy and honesty, D,P,O reminds us that while death comes to us all, we must live in the present and treasure deeply the company of people we hold dear. For within those that remain, love and life endure. Tim J. Veling, Dad, Pete, Opa.

Photographs:Tim J. Veling

Editing and Sequencing: Tim J. Veling

Design: Joana Durães

Prepress: Pedro Guimarães

Production: Tiago Casanova and Pedro Guimarães

Printing: Gráfica Maiadouro


XYZ Books

144 pages

21,5 x 26 cm

Offset Print
First edition

ISBN: 978-989-53182-8-5

RRP $80 Available April 2023, shipped from Aotearoa