- Viewshaft is a geo-linquistic drift, from north to south, through the volcanic fields of Tāmaki Makaurau. It shows mountains still to be seen, and others that are not. Continue reading
- This book compiles a thoughtfully curated selection of Anderson's photographs, capturing dramatic scenes and referencing intensely personal narratives. Covering genres from portraits, still life to landscapes, the book presents a diverse range of series and one-off artist books created by Anderson over the years, including classics like Stand-ins (2001) and Optimistic Tragedy (2008) to recent works like No Hoarding (2021) and The Transcenders (2021). New Public has curated and designed the book, offering fresh juxtapositions of images. Continue reading


- The photographs in A garden is a long time uses processes and materials from the darker, more mysterious corners of early photographic history, the images offer a sensibility of a remarkable artist, Annemarie Hope-Cross. Continue reading
- LA Botanical is a series of ambrotype photographs of plant specimens found in the greater Los Angeles area. It was conceived by the multidisciplinary artist Joyce Campbell in the wake of Hurricane Katrina which devastated the Gulf Coast of Louisiana in 2005. Continue reading

- AI has often been used to bring back to life images of the deceased, but Legacy takes this concept to propel audiences to a hypothetical future; encouraging contemplation and meditation on the current state of the world, as if it were the past. Continue reading
- For five decades, Wystan Curnow has been an advocate for—and authority on—the works of filmmaker and sculptor Len Lye. Alongside his friend and sometime collaborator Roger Horrocks, Curnow has championed the Aotearoa New Zealand–born artist’s work and driven its growing popular and critical recognition. Stopped Short gathers Curnow’s key writings on Lye. Continue reading
- Artist Ann Shelton's latest book, worm, root, wort... & bane delves into the rich history of plant-centric belief systems and their suppression. Part artist scrapbook, part photo book, part quotography, and part exhibition catalogue, this publication explores the medicinal, magical, and spiritual uses of plant materials, once deeply intertwined with the lives of European forest, nomadic, and ancient peoples. Continue reading


Think it through front cover
Metaphysical Heart
Bold Centuries, Haruhiko Sameshima