A Field Guide to Camera Species

Field guide to camera species, Darren GlassA FIELD GUIDE TO CAMERA SPECIES
Darren Glass

The definitive 114 page chronological guide to the 90 pinhole and slit cameras built by Darren Glass since 1990

Includes a glossary and technical section on how to make your own pinhole camera.

“Darren Glass has a growing reputation as one of New Zealand’s most imaginative photographers. His first book, A Field Guide to Camera Species, is hot off the press and proves that he is also our most innovative camera maker. Never content with just the one-point perspective of the typical pinhole camera, despite the seemingly infinite depth of field, and inducement to explore the world from new angles, Glass experimented with a homemade stereo pinhole camera in 1990. The result, he writes, was an extreme wide-angle camera that had to be placed within two or three centimeters of its subject. (Pinhole photographs are known for the all-over equal un-sharpness with which all objects in the frame are rendered, but can look reasonably sharp to the human eye.) Since then, Glass has made a huge range of innovative cameras, with anything from one to 105 apertures, designed most often to do a specific task and make economical use of unusual film sizes in black & white or colour. In one case he made a camera to carry a full 70-metre long paper negative. Presented as a chronological catalogue of 90 of the pin-hole cameras he has made since 1990, A Field Guide to Camera Species, shares Glass’s enthusiasm and delight in low-tech photography of the most sophisticated kind.” Photoforum website.

ISBN 978-0-473-14735-8 (pbk)
114p. ill 96p full colour, 200x130mm
18 page single colour gate-fold section containing a selection of Darren Glass’s drawings.
RRP NZ $60 plus post and packaging

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