David Cook – photographs
Wiremu Puke – text

Jonty Valentine – design

River/Road takes an intimate look at the environmental, cultural, historical and economic factors that shape the ecology of our immediate environment. The narrative explores regional ecology from a bicultural perspective.
The authors trace a journey, following the parallel arteries of the Waikato River and River Road. The emphasis is on being ‘readers’ of the landscape. The authors bring a number of distinct voices to the project

Jonty Valentine the graphic designer, provokes and navigates the reader through a multi-layered account … Continue reading

Lucien Rizos: New Zealand Photographs 1979 –1982
Essays by Damian Skinner and Ian Wedde

‘These photographs come from a very specific time in New Zealand history’, says Rizos. ‘The New Zealand I lived through then may feel like a different planet to a younger generation now, people who did not live through the Muldoon era and the trauma of Rogernomics. But there are themes that bind the different periods together. Even though New Zealand may look very different now, I feel it is still fundamentally the same place that it … Continue reading


Hanna Scott and
Ann Shelton ed.

This new publication heralds a distinctive and unusual format for an exhibition. The book, Sightseeing is a box set of 90 concertina folding postcards which unpacks to create an innovative touring photography exhibition

Project curator Hanna Scott describes the way in which, “the postcards literally become the exhibition, unsettling the way that we traditionally use postcards to venerate the landscape, because these sites are not typical tourist sites.”
She continues, “the project is important because it highlights the way that artists travel and make research. Their images … Continue reading

Darren Glass

The definitive 114 page chronological guide to the 90 pinhole and slit cameras built by Darren Glass since 1990

Includes a glossary and technical section on how to make your own pinhole camera.

“Darren Glass has a growing reputation as one of New Zealand’s most imaginative photographers. His first book, A Field Guide to Camera Species, is hot off the press and proves that he is also our most innovative camera maker. Never content with just the one-point perspective of the typical pinhole camera, despite the seemingly infinite depth … Continue reading

Haruhiko Sameshima

With essays by: Kyra Macfarlane, Ingrid Horrocks, John Wilson, Tim Corbalis, Aaron Lister, Damian Skinner, Fiona Amundsen and Claudia Bell

Bold Centuries is an artist’s book by Haruhiko Sameshima – artist/photographer based in Auckland. This collage-like book is made-up of his original photographs together with found historical images and texts, both commissioned and found in history books and the Internet. It serves as an engaging and poetic introduction to Sameshima’s longstanding exploration of photography as myth – a skewed tour guide and time machine, taking the reader on a meander … Continue reading

Gavin Hipkins
Essay by Daniel Palmer,
“For Anton Lock, 1893-1971”

Publication launched on the occasion of Gavin Hipkins‘ exhibition Second Empire at Lopdell House Gallery, Titirangi (14th February-13th April 2008) during the completion of the McCahon residency at French Bay, Auckland (December 2007-February 2008)

The fourth resident, photographer Gavin Hipkins, arrived from Wellington at the end of November with his young family and spent Christmas in the bush. Gavin was the first residency artist with children to stay at the Otitori Road studio and house, making the early decision to build two bedrooms rather than one, a … Continue reading

Gavin Hipkins

The Sanctuary is a travelogue of sorts that reveals a range of very different sites. The sequence begins with three images taken in royal parks in London – the first a slow-incline exterior stone staircase and a row of trees running parallel out from the edge of the steps. This is an anchoring image, in a way a declaration of intent. The steps lead up to the (brightly re-gilded) memorial statue erected by Queen Victoria to her husband Prince Albert in Kensington Gardens. Hipkins has chosen to avoid the ‘money shot’ of the … Continue reading

Ann Shelton

“Shelton insists on a premise at the very heart of photography: people are good to look at… documentary photography should be reminded of the superficial thrill of the ‘now’… in Redeye the idea of the celebrity meets the idea of the nobody… rather than make you remember and feel concern Shelton makes you forget you cared in the first place.”
Giovanni Intra – Pavement magazine

Redeye is a social diary in photographs, it depicts an urban community from an insider’s perspective. Photographed using a … Continue reading

John Early, Dan Blanchon & Mel Galbraith

The work, comprised of 12 photographic images and 4 graphite drawings, was shown at Seed Gallery, Auckland, November 2007.

‘Fallen’ by John Pusateri, is a documentation of a collaborative biodiversity and fine art project by the New Zealand-based artist and scientists. The project started with setting pitfall traps on 8 May 2007. Twice a month, for thirteen months, Pusateri gathered, separated, cleaned, labelled and preserved the trapped specimens. These specimens were photographed along with fragments of ceramic, glass, and other found items from the same area.

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