‘Amui ‘i Mu‘a: Ancient Futures
Hinemihi: Te Hokinga – The Return
The Holding
. . . . . and then there were none
The Weight of the Captain’s Wrist
Elizabeth Lissaman: New Zealand’s Pioneer Studio Potter
Seeds of Life
Design Generation
Carbon Empire
Dynamo Hum
A Barry Brickell Reader
Stomp book cover
Brainwash–ington DC: a 1982 Photographic ‘On The Road’
American Landscape: Shustak USA 1960–1971
Between the Silence and the Flame
. . . . A Spoonful of Sugar
Selective Exposure cover
Selective Exposure
Te Atatu Me: Photographs of an urban New Zealand village by John B Turner
Te Atatu Me: photographs of an urban New Zealand village
Book cover for F4
F4: in the interval
PhotoForum at 40
PhotoForum at 40
Cover, An urban quest for chlorophyll
An Urban Quest for Chlorophyll
Holland Street
Think it through front cover
Thinking It Through
Colonial Goose book cover
Colonial Goose
River-Road, journeys through ecology
River Road
French place in the bay of islands
French Place
A Man Walks Out of a Bar, Lucien Rizos
A Man Walks Out of a Bar…
Field guide to camera species, Darren Glass
Field Guide to Camera Species
Bold Centuries, Haruhiko Sameshima
Bold Centuries
Empire, Gavin Hipkins
The Sanctuary, Gavin Hipkins
The Sanctuary
Redeye, a diary.
When night comes
When night comes
Fallen, John Pusateri
Metaphysical Heart
Metaphysical Heart
1839 Exchanges


ENTOURAGE: aka Physical Distance Theory, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Videogames

by Tim J. Veling

Limited edition (50) artist book by this prolific photographer from Otautahi Christchurch. Available from Rim Books in limited quantity.

Author of Red Bus Diary (2006), Veling began photographing his home city of Christchurch well before the 2010-11 quakes changed the CBD forever. Since then, for the full decade, he has amassed passionate and personal observations of the transformation and rebuild, publishing many photobooks and portfolios via, a project facilitating and promoting documentary work about Christchurch and a … Continue reading

Edited by John B. Turner. Chinese translation by Han Niu.

Published by Turner PhotoBooks, Auckland/Beijing in collaboration with PhotoForum Inc, Auckland, NZ, 2016 as Photoforum issue 86.

English and Chinese text

This bi-lingual book was produced to coincide with the debut exhibition of photographs made in China 60 years ago by the pioneering New Zealand photojournalist and photographic educator, Tom Hutchins (1921-2007), presented at the 2016 Pingyao International Photography Festival.

‘On the platform there are many people waiting to cross the other way, waiting for the train back to Hong Kong. . … Continue reading

Old New World book cover

Mary Macpherson

Mary Macpherson spent seven years traveling New Zealand to photograph change in New Zealand reflected in small towns, recording the old, the derelict, the ready-made symbol and moneyed development. Old New World is a quality hardback with a dust jacket and 62 images across 96 pages. It also features an interview between Mary and noted art writer/curator, Gregory O’Brien.

“I worked on the project for several years – making journeys around the country whenever I could – photographing, and then spending long periods thinking about what I was doing. The photographs feature … Continue reading

Te Atatu Me: Photographs of an urban New Zealand village by John B Turner

Te Atatu Me: photographs of an urban New Zealand village
John B. Turner. Historical essay by Grant Cole.

PhotoForum Inc, Auckland and Turner PhotoBooks, Auckland/Beijing, 2015.
Produced with the support of Creative New Zealand.

Now available through Rim Books:

Te Atatu Me: photographs of an urban New Zealand village is a personal portrait of West Auckland’s Te Atatu Peninsula by John B. Turner, the noted New Zealand photographer, teacher and editor of PhotoForum.

Recorded over a seven year period from 2005 to 2011, Turner’s documentary photographs celebrate the character and pulse of … Continue reading

Pictures They Want to Make : Recent Auckland Photography
Chris Corson-Scott
Edward Hanfling

Pictures They Want to Make presents a selection of works by twelve contemporary photographic artists, and examines the various ways in which their images are created, and the motivations that drive them. Each of the artists has a connection to the Auckland region; some of the photographs capture aspects of that region’s culture and landscape, while others testify to the mobility and ambition of the artists—their familiarity with other places and people. Most of all, they are personal statements; they are … Continue reading


Garden of Memories
Whenua Fonua ‘Enua
The Passing world, the passage of life
Passing World
Sightseeing, Hanna Scott, Ann Shelton
Public places, Ann Shelton
Public Places
Greatest Show
The Greatest Show